1. Scope

1.1 These terms of use apply for the use of the Professional Shop of SIEGENIA-AUBI KG, Industriestraße 1-3, 57234 Wilnsdorf (hereafter referred to as: SIEGENIA).

1.2 With the online shop, SIEGENIA provides its customers with a service, whereby SIEGENIA wares can be ordered electronically.

2. Consideration of the genearal terms and conditions

2.1 All orders placed via the online shop will be subject to the current version of the General Terms and Conditions (AGB) of SIEGENIA.

2.2 The customer expressly agrees to the consideration and understanding of the AGB and acknowledges that these are available on the SIEGENIA website (>> AGB).

3. Registration

3.1 Registration is required to use the online shop. As part of the registration, the customer will receive an email including their login name (email address). With this data they can then set up an initial password for the online shop.

3.2 The customer must accept these terms of use in order to complete their registration. The online shop account will be activated upon the creation of your own password.

3.3 The customer is obliged to provide truthful and complete information during registration. The customer should always keep the information stored for them up to date.

3.4 SIEGENIA is entitled to verify the accuracy of the registration information by legally permissible means. In particular, copies of such proof may be requested from the customer or from third parties, such as the trade authorities.

4. Using the online shop account

4.1 The online shop account is bound to the customer. Only one online shop account should be used per contact person of the customer. The use of the online shop account by different employees of a customer is permitted. However the access data should only be assigned to permanent employees of the customer. In general, the customer should keep the number of authorised employees as low as possible.

4.2 The customer’s access details for the online shop must be treated confidentially by the customer and their employees and may not be passed on to third parties (outside the customer’s company). In case of misuse, the customer must change their access data immediately and inform SIEGENIA.

5. Using the Onlineshop

5.1 The online shop may only be used by the respective customer as part of their commercial or independent activity.

5.2 The customer is not entitled to pass on product information (such as product descriptions, price information or delivery times) or other information that can be retrieved via the online shop to third parties (outside the customer’s company).

5.3 The customer’s orders placed via the online shop shall be deemed binding as soon as they have been entered in the system at SIEGENIA.

6. Deleting the online shop account

6.1 The customer may demand at any time, even without giving reasons, deletion of any or all of their online shop accounts. After deletion of the online shop account or accounts, re-registration is possible.

6.2 SIEGENIA reserves the right to exclude individual customers from using the online shop and to delete the corresponding online shop account. Exclusion or deletion should first be threatened by SIEGENIA.

6.3 Exclusion – even without prior threat – will especially be considered if no order has been made by the customer over a period of 12 months, if evidence of misuse of the online shop account exists or exclusion to protect the online store is required (such as risk to the operation due to improper use of the online shop).

7. Availability and accessibility of the online shop

7.1 The customer is aware that services accessible via the Internet are subject to typical default risks that are beyond SIEGENIA’s control. SIEGENIA does not assume any liability for the uninterrupted functionality and accessibility of the online shop.

7.2 SIEGENIA is not liable for the technical usability of the online shop. Liability for the loss of data or the destruction of data in the transmission path is also excluded. If there are reasonable indications that a transmission has not occurred, is not correct or has not been completed, the parties will notify each other immediately.

7.3 The provision of the necessary technical conditions for access to the online shop is incumbent on the customer, who also bears the access and transmission costs. SIEGENIA does not charge any fees for the use of the online shop.

7.4 The customer shall ensure that its IT systems have state-of-the-art security measures and that all security updates to the operating system and the software used to access the online shop are installed.

7.5 SIEGENIA expressly reserves the right to temporarily or permanently close the online shop.

8. Industrial property rights

8.1 The customer undertakes to comply with all industrial property rights of SIEGENIA and other legal owners. SIEGENIA expressly points out that individual contents of the online shop are legally protected and the customer must observe the existing property rights.

8.2 SIEGENIA grants the customer all rights necessary for the proper use of the online shop for the content posted by SIEGENIA; a further transfer of rights will not take place.

8.3 The customer is otherwise only entitled to transfer the information generated in the online shop into its own merchandise management/ERP system. Use of the data outside of this purpose is expressly prohibited according to these terms of use.

9. Data protection

9.1 SIEGENIA collects, processes and uses personal data of the customer in accordance with the data protection regulations.

9.2 The privacy policy available on the SIEGENIA website forms part of these Terms of Use. (>> Privacy Policy).

10. Modification of terms of use

10.1 SIEGENIA is entitled to change these Terms of Use. Any change of the terms of use will be indicated on the SIEGENIA website and/or by email.

10.2 If the customer does not object, within six weeks after receipt of the notification of change, the changed conditions shall be deemed agreed. SIEGENIA will refer to this legal consequence in the change notification.

11. Severability clause

11.1 If one or more provisions of these Terms of Use are or become wholly or partially invalid or incomplete, the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms of Use shall remain unaffected. In the case of an ineffective clause, the parties undertake to replace the ineffective clause with an effective clause which comes closest to the purpose of the invalid clause intended by the parties.

11.2 The above provision also applies accordingly to incomplete or missing provisions in the Terms of Use.